Back and briefer than ever

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Wow. Where does time go? It’s amazing, but it has been a little over 3 years since I last published a post. That’s because the time/thought/research that went into writing long-form posts was daunting enough that procrastination was an easier route to take.

Well, that’s going to change. Starting today, you’ll see more frequent, but shorter posts. That should make them easier for me to write and quicker for you to read and digest.

Looking forward to re-connecting!

Meerkat + Periscope = The rise of the 24/7 brand video network

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight this past weekend brought a lot of attention to the Meerkat and Periscope live-streaming apps, which allow any user to view and mass broadcast live video using only their smartphone. Given that thousands of Periscope/Meerkat users watched live-streams of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight for free, the focus of the coverage around these apps has centered on their potential mis-use for piracy. However, there is a much bigger phenomenon that is happening here for both the average person and for brands.

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In Technology Marketing, You Don’t Want To Be The Big Guy

Apple is the mid-2000s Microsoft. Its revenues are as healthy as ever, but it’s become a company that seems to make things just because it has to, that doesn’t take risks, that plays catch-up…Microsoft just showed the world some crazy exciting stuff. Holographic computing might not be all it’s chalked up to be. HoloLens might never take off. Maybe people don’t want to talk to their computers. We’ll see. But Microsoft is trying to excite, or, to borrow an Apple buzzword, “delight” us all. If you’re a huge tech company, you should be trying to do that every day. Apple might be trying, but it’s not succeeding. -Engadget

There used to be a time in which Apple could do no wrong in the media and the public’s eyes. Here is what changed the company’s narrative.

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The Tablet Squeeze: The REAL reason behind the decline of tablets

Apple and Samsung recently released their latest sales numbers and one of the findings that stood out the most was the decline of the tablet market. In short, both Apple and Samsung saw roughly an 18% decline in tablet sales over the holiday period (see articles by and Business Insider, among many others). They also experienced sharp year-over-year sales declines of 18% and 22%, respectively. Obviously as the top tablet players in the world (by far), such a steep decline put the tablet market as a whole in trouble.

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Re-Imagining The Mall: Making the Retail Shopping Experience Valuable Again

How many of you spent a large chunk of your teenage years at the mall? I know I did, and so did millions of other Americans over the past 50+ years that malls have been around. But that’s rapidly changing and the mall as we know it is dying. Its precipitous decline shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you; nor is the reason a mystery. Online shopping, with its low prices and great convenience, continues to absorb foot traffic away from retail shopping and represents a growing percentage of share-of-wallet of the average American consumer.

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Death to the Floppy Disk Save Icon: Building A New Visual/Digital Language

As more and more aspects of our world come online, technology continues to rapidly advance and evolve. But there is one area of our digital lives that hasn’t changed in a long time, the iconography.

Take a look at the shapes of the icons we use in our devices on a daily basis – save (floppy disks), search (magnifying glass), files (file folders), settings (gears), wait/installing/processing (hourglass), call accept/reject (telephone horn), etc. All of these icons made sense at the dawn of the digital age because we hadn’t yet developed a language that enabled everyone to understand what a computer was doing in relation to what we did offline at the office.

But that’s not the case anymore.

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